It has been a lifelong mission of mine to refocus my career in real estate toward giving back to the community in a sustainable way.  After serving on the UC Davis Children’s Hospital Board for over 10 years, I witnessed the struggles of children with the most severe illnesses imaginable and the amazing dedication to heal them.

While at UC Davis I worked with Alan Anderson, who at the time was the person in charge of funding and donation efforts for the Board. Over time, Alan and his wife Staci, and my husband, Michael Ashker and I developed a friendship.  Eventually, Alan landed a new position (all of 300 yards across the street from UC Davis) when he became Director of Development at Shriners Hospital for Children - Northern California.  Over the years, we would often brainstorm ideas on how Michael and I could help Shriners Hospital in a more significant and meaningful way. Finally, one day we had our “Eureka” moment when we came up with the concept for “REALTORS Who Shrine.”  

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“Realtors Who Shrine” is our passion project built to support a sustainable source of donation income for the Shriners Hospitals for Children - Northern California. If you are not familiar with Shriners Hospital and the extraordinary things they do, I would encourage you to visit their website at www.shrinerschildrens.org.  

Realtors Who Shrine (RWS) works by inviting real estate buyers and sellers across the state to simply select a member of our Realtors Who Shrine real estate agent network, and by doing so, they will be served by one of our top notch, RWS member agents. From there, the real estate process is exactly the same. But upon closing the transaction, 25% of the real estate commission will be instantly donated directly to Shriners Hospital via a dedicated payment from the real estate escrow account to Shriners Hospital. No hands in the middle.  No diversion of funds. 

Michael Ashker,  Kathi Jobson and Alan Anderson

As an RWS client, you will receive high-end professional real estate experience and as a client, you give up nothing. You will not pay more than you normally would. You still receive a competitive real estate commission rate, and in the process, you are helping thousands of children live better and healthier lives.

Perhaps the most amazing and beautiful thing about Shriners Hospital for Children is it doesn’t matter if a family cannot afford to pay for their medical care.  Nor do they need to have an insurance policy, since some of the more advanced treatments are not fully covered by standard policies. Shriners Hospital always does what is best for the child, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Michael and I have three grown children and five healthy grandchildren.  It is hard to imagine what parents must endure when looking for specialized pediatric care for their little ones. Thank God for Shriners Hospital and their amazing team for devoting their work to the medical needs of children.

Realtors Who Shrine is a program that anyone can choose to participate in to help Shriners Hospitals for Children treat and care for children.

Children represent 50% of our population but they own 100% of our future.  

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to sharing more information as it becomes available.  

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Thank You!

Kathi Jobson